LA shopping – put the Citadel on your list

Who doesn’t love an American shopping mall – especially if it’s an outlet? I will sound like such a tourist but I will admit it, I love traveling America for Beverly Hills, Disneyland, and…outlet shopping! Americans are so lucky with the low prices they pay, especially with makeup and clothes…and probably a lot more but I am so focused on clothes and face paint that I am oblivious to any other bargains to be had.

We picked up a lot on our last trip to Los Angeles. If you’re ever in LA and want to have a shop-off, Citadel Outlets in LA is amazing.

Over 100 stores including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Coach, Lucky Brand Jeans and so, so much more.  Clothes are at least 40% off, and often discounted further, plus if you pick up a discount book from Centre Management you get further discounts at most shops.

You can catch a shuttle from your hotel – I think it cost us around $20 return from Disneyland – and shop all day. Believe me, you will need it. We shopped with precision and focus from 10.00am to 5.00pm (opening hours are generally 10am – 9.00pm) and could have continued, but I think a day is enough, otherwise you can descend into outlet madness and buy too much simply because everything is so wonderful and so cheap.

We took Em along too, and she was manageable! The Citadel is an outdoor mall so kids can get some air and sun and there are a couple of kids areas for them to play in – not that you can take time out from shopping for that kind of nonsense.

My best purchase? It would be a tie between Kenneth Cole where I bought three gorgeous dresses, a shirt and three pairs of shoes for under $400, and Lucky Brand Jeans where I picked up three pairs of jeans and two shirts for $200…and these are the best jeans I have ever owned.

So my advice would be to definitely take advantage of the shopping in America, and if you can get to an outlet do it – and here’s a handy tip…centre management usually has a bag minding service so you can drop and shop all day long.

Where’s your favourite outlet …and what has been your best bargain purchase?

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